Charting the path to the future

I have been spending a lot of time with a more social-conscience oriented reading list these days, including books like Blessed Unrest, by Paul Hawken. I captured some thoughts on the airplane back from an Ideation gig in Las Vegas (let me just say, “there’s no place like home”) that i would like to share, then elaborate on.

Journal entry:
Every human is born their own person-not bound to the trespasses
or victories of their ancestors, but a blank slate defined only by
their chosen purpose. We can change the path to the future
if we forgive one another our past and work together to create
meaningful change, unhindered by preconception and motivated by

Those who came before us got us where we are now – for better
or worse. What happens next, however, is entirely up to us. It is
our obligation as humans living right NOW to consider our choices
actions and beliefs (Erykah Badu on New America states “you don’t
have to believe everything you think”…i like that). Those
behaviors will impact EVERYTHING that happens next – to you,
your family, your community, country and ultimately the world. It
all matters and it all makes a difference.

Your power is the power of humanity. Together we can make or
break the fate of the world, because the choices of those who
came before us gave us that power. Again – for better or for
worse. What will we do with that power? I vote for “better”.

One thing I also know from my years of studying consumer culture and the role of Brands as a part of our culture, is that manufacturers, marketers, corporations and especially brands can apply the same principal of unhindered responsibility outlined from an individual perspective above.

A brand driven social renaissance is upon us and this Sherpa has been enjoying the work she has been doing charting that path with forward thinking client partners who have the foresight to know their power to create positive change. I can’t wait to see what we do next!


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