Understanding The Future Workforce Means Better Client Engagements and Higher ROI

The link below is to an article / discussion on the future of work. I think it’s an interesting discussion. I have been engaged recently in dialogues on what the next great innovation will be (see Front End of Innovation group on LinkedIn) and my POV is that it will be in use of human capital, intellectual property and other ways to empower human creativity and the value of ideas.

One of the jobs of a good Brand Sherpa is to truly understand how to lead my client’s organizations through their journey. In order to do this, i need not only learn the ins and outs of their category, business, consumer targets and consumer culture context. An integral part of my offering is understanding the culture my clients are operating in and the realities of how their cross-functional teams interact and the best way to lead them and deliver results so that the impact of the work is maximized and the business can see ROI.

There are big changes happening in workplace culture. Typically leading this pack are marketing and brand organizations that understand the value of talent and creativity to preparing their brands for future success.

Here is the article i am referring to. I hope you enjoy. Would love to hear your thoughts.



One response to “Understanding The Future Workforce Means Better Client Engagements and Higher ROI

  1. As practicing anthropologists, after we win a client’s business, we must comprehend the client’s corporate culture to retain the client long term. On occasion, we need to go further and impact a client’s culture if it is functioning poorly vis a vis marketing research. A difference between academic anthropology and marketing anthropology is that in the latter enterprise we can and sometimes must stimulate corporate culture change to attain the goal of better marketing results.

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