Context Is Everything

Most of my blogs are devoted to topics rooted in Consumer Anthropology. I recently gave a brief talk as part of the NewMR virtual event on Ethnography. Link below to see the presentation.
In the dialogue, I discuss the CONTEXT of ethnography in the broader 3 C’s framework. As researchers, it is important that we see the bigger picture. I discuss a few case examples here of how understanding Client, Cultural and Consumer Context are all essential part of a well rounded strategic research approach.


One response to “Context Is Everything

  1. Hi. I’m totally in line with your thinking. I’m a consumer anthropologist and have found too much ethnography in business lacking the consumer anthropology angle. That doesn’t mean those non consumer anthropology ethnographic projects don’t produce results, I just know that sometimes clients are looking for consumer anthropology when they do ethnography and aren’t getting what they want. I’ve started a project called The Consumer Anthropologist where I go out and do short lighthearted videos as The Consumer Anthropologist. Check them out at

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