About The Brand Sherpa’s Journey

This blog site is a forum for me to wax philosophical about the topics I focus on as a part of my career.  Fortunately those topics are also personal passions of mine.

I am grateful to be able to say that my career thus far has been a steady evolution. I am on this incredibly engaging and affirming adventure whereby I have gotten to learn and lead, inspire and be inspired.

For a little more background on my approach, from when I was a “lone sherpa”, you can check out the virtual archaeological artifact (my Brand Sherpa web-page) here:  www.thebrandsherpa.com,

….And to learn more about the innovative global strategic research consulting firm I call home now:  www.nsresearch.com


Connect with me  / learn more about my background on  LinkedIn here: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/jamie-gordon/1/181/b7


6 responses to “About The Brand Sherpa’s Journey

  1. hey jamie!

    nice blog, i will read it regularly. i have a bootstrap start-up client that needs some of my best insight and even better on-target solutions. so i hope to gain some relevance from reading some of your pontifications – or just feel really cool that i know you! :p



  2. boy, talk about slowww and laid back conversation – sorry. i am well. kinda slow right now work-wise. becoming increasingly passionate about cultural marketing disciplines. i am on twitter, and i think i have added you – pram99

    peace out

  3. Really cool stuff Jamie! I found your webpage and blog through EthnoSnacker but I’ve recently been putting a lot of effort into getting my own blog off the ground and this info is very helpful! As a former Anth undergrad, I can truly say you have my dream job 🙂 Going for my MBA now to make it a reality! I’d love to follow you on twitter if you have an account? Mine is @SexyBurger

  4. Jaime,
    I found your blog through a post on LinkedIn, and I am loving it. Your “Better Business and a Better World Via Better Strategic Research” blog is what hooked me. Just thought I would let you know that I am really enjoying your articles and learning about your research. Thanks for posting!

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